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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have an item(s) in stock?

If you wish to check an item(s) availability prior to purchase, Contact our sales team who can advise accordingly.

We are an existing SABR Customer with a trading account. Can we place orders directly on the website?

Yes! Simply create an account in your company name on our website. If you wish to pay by Purchase order, please Contact our Sales team to have ‘Pay by Purchase Order’ enabled. They will then verify your trading account status and enable it on your web store account.

Can we order online and you ship the item(s) overseas?

No. Overseas orders aren't handled via the web store. If you wish to purchase from us from outside Australia, Contact Us with the details of what you wish to purchase.

Freight is listed as Road – Can you overnight express it?

In some cases, yes for an additional fee. Large and/or heavy items it would be cost prohibitive. Items such as Lithium based batteries cannot be air freighted due to IATA air freight transport regulations.

Why don’t you deliver to Australian PO Boxes? Can you send the item via Australia Post?

SABR cannot ship items to PO Box addresses nor send item(s) via Australia Post. All item(s) are dispatched via a traceable freight company to a physical address only.

Where can I find my Tax Invoice online?

A Tax Invoice will be emailed to you separately once your item(s) ship. If you require an invoice from a previous order, Contact our Sales team with your order number who can supply a reprint.

My Password isn’t being accepted and I have an account?

If your password isn’t being accepted, from the top of the page, Choose ‘Sign In’, choose ‘Forgotten Password’ and complete the details. After submitting, an email will be sent shortly to your registered email address with instructions. If you don’t receive an email, first check your email ‘Spam’ folders, etc.

Customers who do not have an account can simply choose ‘Create Account’.

We are wanting to purchase multiple Barcode/Mobile Computer Devices and/or Printers. Do you offer discounts?

Depending on the devices, printers, and quantities – yes! For a small to large deployment, Contact Us with the details. SABR can also design and deploy a barcoding and/or printing solution for you based on your needs/requirements.

We want to purchase an item from Manufacturer “X”, but you don’t seem to have it listed online. Can you get it?

If it’s an item from a Manufacturer we currently list online, in most cases yes – depending on if the item is still available for purchase. In some cases, old part numbers/SKU’s are superseded or replaced by new ones which may be listed on the website already. (Check Advanced Search!)

If it’s not from a Manufacturer we have listed online we may well be able to! In either situation, Contact Us with the details for assistance.

I’ve seen the price cheaper online from overseas, will you match it?

No. SABR sources our products directly from the Manufacturers and/or their Authorised Distributors for Australia only – which in turn carry their respective warranties and/or support for Australian Customers. WE DO NOT source ‘grey’ products from Overseas which come with no Support or Applicable Warranty for Customers here in Australia.